We have had two homes built by Steve Visser Builders. The first was in Belmont in 2000 and our retirement home was built in Algoma Township in 2013. Both experiences far exceeded our expectations. We started the process by sharing with Steve our plans from sketches. He had his architect work with us to finalize the plans and specifications. He went through the bid process and secured all of the subcontractors. On both projects we pulled a homeowners electrical permit and did our own electrical work. By being involved with this aspect of the build we were present to watch the complete construction of both houses. We got to know most of the subcontractors and observed them as true professionals. In both cases we had sold our previous homes and had a need to have the new houses built in a reasonable length of time. The promise was to have us moved in within 6 months of the signing of the contract. I both cases we had occupancy before that 6 month commitment. If you are looking for a quality built custom home I can whole heartedly recommend Steve Visser Builders.
Scott Harvey
While my condo was under construction, I was living across the state in Port Huron. That being the case, I had all the confidence in the world in Steve and his subcontractors. Even though I was driving back and forth every weekend to check on the progress of the construction, most of my dealings with Steve were completed over the telephone. Steve was attentive and always promptly returned my calls and completed the tasks I had requested. I am very satisfied with how my condo turned out and Steve Visser Builders. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in his condo buildings.
Judy Springborn
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